France kits Euro 1988 Qualifying

A classic and remembered kit from the french team, only two kits came to my mind when i remember Platini, and this, is one of them. Hey, the adidas logo is no mistake, for some reason was the only adidas kit with only the icon.

Italy kits Euro 1988

Italy for some reason maintain the same kit, and i mean the same as worn in the World Cup 1986 and 1990, can somebody who knows the story tell me why?

Denmark kits Euro 1988

This Hummel kit was so successful as the denmark participation, nothing happened, but this brand in the next Euro kit made his mark.

Denmark kits World Cup 1986

This is one of my favorites ever, in this years Hummel for me has the edge in kit design and Denmark team was his flag. When i was children saw this guys with Elkjaer, Morten Olsen, Jesper Olsen, etc.. Was awesome, and was love at first sight with this hummel kit. I would have loved to see play Denmark vs Argentina. Danes proved they were better than Germans at this time, and don't tell me Spain bla bla bla...(They were his Achilles heel).