Brazil kits World Cup 1986

Classic topper manufacturer kit, Brazil didn't played with away kit during the tournament, vs Spain they dressed a combination of home shirt and away short.

Hungary kits World Cup 1986

Classic and elegant Hungary kit, but in the field they took 11 goals in three games.

France kits World Cup 1986

This team probably was the most talented french team, Certainly was in this years the most famous team, i think that's why adidas made unique details to distinguish this France team like socks stripes, jersey big stripe and short.

Soviet Union kits World Cup 1986

I remembered thinking... it's a matter of time that this guys will win the WC, that CCCP big sign in the chest just saying DON'T MESS WITH ME....i love it, and of course.... the badge, those elements was just mean. Oh! almost forgot, white short for home and away kits with just a little difference... Crazy!!

Iraq kits World Cup 1986

This was the only occasion that the Iraqi team wore these colors, for some reason that i don't know yellow and light blue was chosen by Iraq for his first participation in a World Cup.

Belgium kits World Cup 1986

The red devils wore a red/white traditional colors, as a good detail we can see Belgium flag in the adidas stripes, but for me adidas had a mistake with the away socks, just didn't follow the pattern.

Paraguay kits World Cup 1986

Paraguay worn for all games his traditional home jersey, only in the game vs England (round of 16) worn a white short. I'm sure that they has a white shirt for away kit, but i can´t find reliable proof of it.