Canada kits World Cup 1986

Canada dressed a brand new pattern on shirt by adidas, but the alignment between adidas logo and federation logo are very bad, Came on adidas!, federation logo very small too my taste. What i like always is the big Canada brand on chest with star wars type font.

Argentina kits World Cup 1986

This is a world famous Argentinian kit, i saw Maradona dressed this one and won the WC. This pair of kits has trouble with the badge (different to one kit to another), another proof that in those years, merchandising and publicity was in diapers.

Morocco kits World Cup 1986

Two times for Morocco in World Cup finals and both times in Mexico '70 and '86. Adidas was his sponsor and we saw a uncommon horizontal logo usage and adidas logo on the shorts with no letters.

East Germany kits Euro 1988 Qualifying

DDR team dressed his classical colors during qualification stage for the Euro 1988. At least for the games vs France (1986) and Iceland (1987) the white shirt logo shows in the middle of the chest,I found some pictures of the original shirt and logo is as shown here. If you look into the home and away colors for this team, normally you'll find that the blue shirt is home, but in 1987 and 1988 East Germans played with the white shirt as home. Can somebody tell us more about this?

Scotland kits Euro 1988 Qualifying

Always like it Scottish umbro kits, is the perfect mix of color and elegance, another sample of that is the home and away kits that Scotland dressed in Euro qualifying games during 5 games in 1987, as many teams they dressed in 1986 games another previous model of kits.

Spain kits Euro 1988

This is Spain that dressed this Lecoq kit in Euro 88, they only played with the red one, but seems that they liked it very much, same kit for WC 1990.

Germany kits Euro 1988

As many people know, there is two teams that do not change kits between one tournament to another, this happened in Euro 1988 with Germany with this iconical kit that repeat again exactly in WC 1990. Germans do not win nothing with this kit but instead is probably the most remembered shirt for the teutons. The other team....Spain, same tournaments.