South Korea kits World Cup 1986

South Korea made their first appearance since 1954. They managed to score their first goal (against Argentina) and their first draw (against Bulgaria). They never played with blue kit in this tournament. Somebody knows the name of this manufacturer?

Bulgaria kits World Cup 1986

This bulgarian team had a notable note about their kit, during the World Cup 1986 they played with kits with fabric texture and kits without it, even played with striped shorts and no striped shorts in the same game vs Mexico in round of 16.

England kits World Cup 1986

Umbro begin with the edge in this years, they had very strong design and good looking kits and of course England team was his canvas platform. England did not used red kit in World Cup, instead used a combination of third kit shorts and socks (light blue) and home jersey to played with Argentina, the rest of the matches played with home kit.

Poland kits World Cup 1986

We found a curious thing in this adidas kit, take a look on the short and you will find different position for the numbers, and this is not the only one rare thing... at list player number 18 (C. Pawlak) vs England in the World Cup played with the number on the right side, the rest of his teamates played with the number on the left side.

Italy kits World Cup 1986

Classic and remembered Italian kits, somebody knows why during the World Cup this kits do not have diadora logo?

Canada kits World Cup 1986

Canada dressed a brand new pattern on shirt by adidas, but the alignment between adidas logo and federation logo are very bad, Came on adidas!, federation logo very small too my taste. What i like always is the big Canada brand on chest with star wars type font.

Argentina kits World Cup 1986

This is a world famous Argentinian kit, i saw Maradona dressed this one and won the WC. This pair of kits has trouble with the badge (different to one kit to another), another proof that in those years, merchandising and publicity was in diapers.