Mexico kits World Cup 2014

Mexico presented an adidas polemical design for the chest, most people think that is a lightning that ends in the logo, but some people, includes me, think that is an stylized "M"... who you think?
The away kit this time is red with black, looks good, and sells good in Mexico, but i like it more the black kit from the last 4 years.

Croatia kits World Cup 2014

Croatian traditional and colorful kit shown again in a World Cup, no greater change than the last Euro, white number in red back, we can see the home kit with blue socks, I like more with white socks. The away kit in my opinion suffered a step back in relation to the previous kit.

Brazil kits World Cup 2014

Nice kits nike made for Brazil, in a more simple design this brand was focused, no big and showy differences, with more traditional Brazilian kits.

Costa Rica kits World Cup 1990

Costa Rica played with three different kits, two games with striped kit, and one game with the reds. Something that intrigues me are the socks, why has only a couple of socks with lotto logo? and why the lotto logo is not the same on all shirts?. Lotto for me in these years did not have a strong branding yet.

Brazil kits World Cup 1990

Brazil played all his matches with the yellow shirt, socks were the only ones in change, was the last time in a World Cup that the Brazilians showed his badge with the Jules Rimet cup.

Soviet Union kits World Cup 1990

Last time we saw the Soviet team in a World Cup, sponsored by adidas them chose the constructivist shirt design for the socialist block, with the classical adidas shorts. I have to say the i miss the large CCCP letters in the chest.

Argentina kits World Cup 1990

One must recognize that Argentina has one of the most beautiful combinations for kits of the entire planet, also does not resemble any other country. For the World Cup 1990 adidas design a unique V neck for Argentina and a black short with no adidas stripes. A curious fact that I would like to know, is why Argentina played with a black short with adidas stripes in the first game vs Cameroon, and the rest of the competition used black short witout adidas stripes (Soviet Union, Yugoslavia and Italy).

Romania kits World Cup 1990

Since WC 70 Romania was not presented in a final stage, and it would seem that not even had a uniform prepared, a shirt without federation or contry logo and socks that look like they are from another team was the highlights of this kit. still the yellow color is faded. Too bad adidas!.
A comment by Lucas explain that federation logo was associated with the regime of dictator Ceaucescu overthrown by 1989 revolution and for this Romanian Football federation choose not to put badge in his kit. We can see the controversial logo in the info bar.

Cameroon kits World Cup 1990

This kit is well remembered, wore it by a team that surprised and liked people. From a design perspective, we see the antiquated pattern shiny fabric from the 80's, but very African, with that huge lion like badge.

United States kits World Cup 1990

Another alternative design presented adidas for U.S. team. As we see since WC90 adidas already had many design variations, this did not happen in previous World Cups. Also was the last time of this federation logo in a World Cup. As interesting detail, adidas design unique numbers for USA, for the rest of the teams assign generic 1990 design.

Austria kits World Cup 1990

Austria kits with showy design, those large stripes liked a lot of people, for many the nicest of WC90 for me.

Czechoslovakia kits World Cup 1990

Interesting design that resembles Russian Constructivism, maybe that's why we see this adidas design in some of the socialist nations bloc teams at the time. A mistake in my opinion is the manufacturer's logo on black above design pattern, it completely loses visibility.

Italy kits World Cup 1990

I will always remember this kit because at a time when the merchandising was already born and was strengthening, we see as the Italian team maintained the clean design of his kit, even the logo of the manufacturer does not appear.

United Arab Emirates kits World Cup 1990

Many people say it was one of the worst teams in WC history, for me is another opportunity to draw a different concept of adidas. Look at those shorts ... and the strange stripes aside the classical adidas stripes.

France kits World Cup 1990 qualifiers

This was dressed by french team during 1989 in the World Cup 1990 qualifiers. This adidas design was used by other nations in 1990 with little modifications as Arab Emirates. We missed seeing this great team to play in WC90 with her big rising stars as Cantona and Deschamps.

Colombia kits World Cup 1990

Simplicity in this adidas design, no pattern for fabrics. Interestingly, the short change color in the adidas stripes. In the World Cup socks were exchanged, but this presentation is the oficial combination.

Yugoslavia kits World Cup 1990

When the communist world still stand, Yugoslavia was a solid team. It is curious that the kits for the World Cup 1990 that adidas provide to Yugoslavia were these unique design. Actually adidas adidas made ​​several designs for this world cup, this being the first time that the german brand start to do it.

Germany kits World Cup 1990

The era of branding in football began for me, in the World Cup 1990, crude and rudimentary, brands began to visualize the potential. The German national team, had the advantage with adidas to support them. Notably the away kit, has a previous design used in last years, strangely the kit that match home version appeared after the World Cup.