Czech Republic kits Euro 1996

Puma sponsored the Czech team in their first international competition as the Czech Republic, with a very nice home kit, in my opinion one of the best achieved in this competition. The change kit was in simple all white in the field looked great too.

Bulgaria kits Euro 1996

Bulgaria participated in the euro only with the home kit, away kit is known for its use during the World Cup 1998 qualifying, it should mention that the euro badges were placed in an unsuitable site on the sleeves, standing out in the wrong way to their counterparts.

Turkey kits Euro 1996

Turkey wore his red home kit with the main design of adidas for this period, it is noteworthy that the away kit is a design that emerged for the World Cup 1994 where the Republic of Ireland showed this design. funny thing is that one would think that adidas do not update the away kit for Turkey, who knows?

Spain kits Euro 1996

A unique kit for Spain made by adidas, very elegant evoking the traditional dress of past centuries, elaborate on details such as Chinese type neck. The change kit was in dark blue, you could say that in this times it wasn't common to see dark kits.

France kits Euro 1996

Adidas designed a unique kit for France, for the 96-98 campaign, elaborate on details such as ribbon and short neck, and sewing the pieces of the shirt, as well as its pattern. the change kit supply by adidas was the main desig for that season, the three lines on the shoulders.

Romania kits Euro 1996

Romania played only three games with the home kit, we never saw the change kit, so here is the away kit for the period of this model. I could not find a photo to make the away shorts, so guess should have been seen. If somebody knows a photo of this, please send me the link.

Germany kits Euro 1996

The memorable German shirt that conquered the Euro 1996, adidas as usual made ​​a unique design for his team, round neck with buttons only be found in the german home kit where the most prominent is the shield. The away kit was never used in Euro 96 so this is my best guess, based on the 1996-98 away kit that the German team use during the World Cup qualifiers, this design corresponded to those presented by adidas at the Euro 96 for other teams as Romania, Spain and France.