Nigeria Kits World Cup 1994

Adidas made a unique kit design for Nigeria 1994 team. I do not understand exactly why, maybe it's because it was the first appearance of Nigeria in a World Cup Finals. Here is a very rare kits as worn Nigeria when the side topped Group D, with wins over Bulgaria and Greece, but lost to eventual final lists Italy in the second round.

Bulgaria Kits World Cup 1994

as Romania, Bulgaria wore the adidas stripe concept kit. This one is a classic and remembered adidas kit, for me is the best kit in wc 94, the combination of colors made a perfect visual and impact balance. No design pattern was made for the fabric. something that we see in Romania kits.

Norway Kits World Cup 1994

Norway kits as worn at the 1994 World, good combination of colors for a nice uniform. Adidas combine the big-V neck whit his tradicional stripes and the big side stripes for home shirt, for away shirt the 1994 diamond pattern substitute the big side stripes. Almost All possible adidas combinations was used for Norway.

Sweden Kits World Cup 1994

Classic design shirts as worn at World Cup USA 94 when the Swedes surprised everybody to reach the Semi-Finals only to lose out to Brazil (worn away kit) after a late Romario strike.  The side eventually finished 3rd though, after thrashing Bulgaria in the 3rd/4th Place Play-Off. The pattern of the shirt includes the logo of the federation over the adidas stripes. I could not find the adidas logo in the socks in any photo, seems to really not include adidas logo for Sweden socks.

Romania Kits World Cup 1994

Romania wore an alternative adidas design made ​​for not elite national teams, this stripe concept was an evolution of earley design for qualification stage where the stripes were in right shoulder. This one is a classic and remembered adidas kit. Something that is curious to me is that no design pattern was made for the fabric. something that we see in the rest of 1994 adidas kits.

Ireland Kits World Cup 1994

With Ireland's place in USA '94 assured, Adidas introduced their new designs. The aggressive Opel branding was gone and the new green shirts featured diagonal shadow stripes and an intricate design, based on the FAI crest, not good woven into the front of the shirt was added too. The change kit featured Adidas' three-stripe motif in a very unusual fading pattern edged with orange, logos were above the outside stripes being very on the edge causing poor appearance.

Spain Kits World Cup 1994

Second time Spain Federetion dressed with Adidas for world cup tournament, the red/blue combination is a pretty one kit despite adidas diamonds pattern that is considered one of the worst adidas designs. May notice that the shorts adidas logo is on top of the diamond pattern causing visual noise, and worse in the white kit the logo embroidery is in red on top of a red diamond.....what happend with the adidas designer????