Italy kits Euro 2012

Continuing Puma designs for Italy team, a new model as Puma knows very well to do, that in my taste highlights specially the numbers, that his design is just great.

Greece kits Euro 2012

Tradicional bicolor kits from Greece, both look great, of course adidas made for the Greeks unique details.

Russia kits Euro 2012

The previous Russian kits were divine, burnt red color in combination with gold, achieved a dream kit. Very serious, very formal, very important.... This time the burnt red was replaced by the traditional red and a strip with the Russian flag, not bad at all, but less spectacular than its predecessor.

Ukraine kits Euro 2012

Is amazing how many designs have adidas for one season, details, details, details .... and this time the complicated Ukranian pattern and we can count other different details from another adidas nations, this brand give a lot of work.

Denmark kits Euro 2012

I have to admit that Denmark was my favorite team in the eighties, I adored Elkjaer, Laudrup and the Olsen guys. and certainly those hummel kits too. This adidas kit is not to bad at all.

Germany kits Euro 2012

What can i tell you.... competition after competition...Germany has always the top kits. This time with a very nice black-red-yellow lines...They can not fail...his traditional white-black kit always be a favorite among the public, no matter what.

Spain kits Euro 2012

One of the most elegant works of the ever-stylish adidas kit of Spain, we saw in Euro the away kit with dark blue shorts, not white as the pre-tournament games. I take my time with this kit, due to the new template for adidas which uses different cuts.

Croatia kits Euro 2012

The always striking red cubes from Croatia appeared in this Euro for me with a more harmonious combination of all elements both at home and away kits, in past designs, the numbers become difficult to read, and the away kit normally looks like clown. Now we have balance to the equation.

France kits Euro 2012

Undoubtedly far for me, the French nike kits are the best in the collection for the Euro 12 and many tournaments. Exclusive details developed by the U.S. brand for the Gauls, surpassed all the nike teams.
so enjoy with me this kits.

Portugal kits Euro 2012

Nike abandoned the burgundy for the Portuguese, instead the red predominated in this series, the away kit with a cross on his chest has become very popular. you decide.

Netherlands kits Euro 2012

The always spectacular dutch kits, this time with a black away kit that looks so good in the field, poor performance in the cup and we always wondering....... What the hell happen!!!!

Poland kits Euro 2012

Here is the new template KIRE V3, and the effort was to commemorate the Euro 2012, my plans were to release the template match by match, but took more time than planned, but here it is.....first team Poland the host. The sponsor Nike, the laser cut ventilation is the seal of this collection and the kind of retro design.

Croatia Kits Euro 1996

Presentation of the new Croatian team was shocking as his uniform, with a pattern of red and white was unmistakable in the field. no doubt for me so far is the most colorful of all kit in the world.

Denmark Kits Euro 1996

Hummel was still sponsoring the Danish team in 1996, my favorite brand of sportswear presented a great kit continuing past Scandinavian elements of 1992, the euro who denmark won as a last minute guest. so far  i do not understand how this team was not in 1994 World Cup.

Portugal Kits Euro 1996

Portugal with very young talent were back and her sponsor was not well known worldwide, Olympic made a couple of interesting kits, basically were the same as the preliminary round, the difference was in the neck modified particularly for the event.

Russia Kits Euro 1996

Russia after world cup '94 back with Reebok as a sponsor, Russians played their games with white shirt, combining shorts. The english manufacturer achieving a better design than its 1994 predecessor.

Italy Kits Euro 1996

First presentation of nike in eurocup (probably in FIFA tournament also), sponsoring the Italian team. We see the appearance of the famous dri-fit fabric. Italy played every game with the classic Azzurri, the white kit presented here were sold during the period, it is noteworthy that the official kit of the euro matches had no logos nike, official replica of both colors had logos.

Switzerland Kits Euro 1996

Another beautiful design by lotto, the gradient used for the 1996 campaign was very successful. Swiss team played all games with the red kit, the away kit presented here was used during 96-98 campaign, probably was the same in the locker of the Euro 1996, maybe with the same neck as the Dutch team.

Netherlands Kits Euro 1996

Holland home shirt by Lotto, worn during the 1996 season, is extremely rare featuring a feint design in the shirt of Dutch international players celebrating victory. The away shirt was a very nice degraded orange strip. As an interesting note, the home kit used during the game vs Scotland does not have the tournament badges on the sleeves.

England kits Euro 1996

Always great England kits, showed the classic white/dark blue with elegant touches in cyan, but to my taste one of the best kits I've seen ...... the gray kit

Scotland kits Euro 1996

Again the team with the most elegant kits to my taste and also the hardest to draw, Scotland played every game with the blue kit. The kit change we know are for World Cup 98 playoffs. A very nice kit with classic scottish plaid.

Czech Republic kits Euro 1996

Puma sponsored the Czech team in their first international competition as the Czech Republic, with a very nice home kit, in my opinion one of the best achieved in this competition. The change kit was in simple all white in the field looked great too.

Bulgaria kits Euro 1996

Bulgaria participated in the euro only with the home kit, away kit is known for its use during the World Cup 1998 qualifying, it should mention that the euro badges were placed in an unsuitable site on the sleeves, standing out in the wrong way to their counterparts.

Turkey kits Euro 1996

Turkey wore his red home kit with the main design of adidas for this period, it is noteworthy that the away kit is a design that emerged for the World Cup 1994 where the Republic of Ireland showed this design. funny thing is that one would think that adidas do not update the away kit for Turkey, who knows?

Spain kits Euro 1996

A unique kit for Spain made by adidas, very elegant evoking the traditional dress of past centuries, elaborate on details such as Chinese type neck. The change kit was in dark blue, you could say that in this times it wasn't common to see dark kits.

France kits Euro 1996

Adidas designed a unique kit for France, for the 96-98 campaign, elaborate on details such as ribbon and short neck, and sewing the pieces of the shirt, as well as its pattern. the change kit supply by adidas was the main desig for that season, the three lines on the shoulders.

Romania kits Euro 1996

Romania played only three games with the home kit, we never saw the change kit, so here is the away kit for the period of this model. I could not find a photo to make the away shorts, so guess should have been seen. If somebody knows a photo of this, please send me the link.

Germany kits Euro 1996

The memorable German shirt that conquered the Euro 1996, adidas as usual made ​​a unique design for his team, round neck with buttons only be found in the german home kit where the most prominent is the shield. The away kit was never used in Euro 96 so this is my best guess, based on the 1996-98 away kit that the German team use during the World Cup qualifiers, this design corresponded to those presented by adidas at the Euro 96 for other teams as Romania, Spain and France.

Belgium kits World Cup 1994

The italian manufacturer Diadora design a colorful pattern to the shoulders of this kit, and was the hallmark of the Red Devil's skin for this World Cup.

Saudi Arabia kits World Cup 1994

In 1994 there were still no global brands sponsoring national teams kits, one of these brands was Saudi Arabia kit sponsor. Arabs only played three games with the away kit, so as other teams one of the kits will stay in the closet, we didn't know how it was, the home kit presented here was used after World Cup, the texture of the fabric has a different design, and the orientation/size of the strip diamonds is little diferent from the away kit, for purposes of guessing the kit that was in the Saudi Arabian´s locker during the 94 World Cup, i kept the orientation/size of the strip diamonds equal to away kit, so will not see changes here in this topic.

Morocco kits World Cup 1994

One of the most elaborate kits of all, in my opinion. Lotto really spend time on this design, federation logo in the middle looks very cool. I think lotto pull some strings in the business to design better and more attractive kits in the years to come, and not only crazy patterns.

Cameroon kits World Cup 1994

Cameroon played his only three appearances in the World Cup with the green home kit, the change kit we could not see during USA 1994, here is the away kit that the lions used for 1994 -1995 which we assume it was provided for the World Cup because it has elements of home kit such as fabric and striped pattern. I could not find a good picture of the shorts and socks of away kit, so I present the design that I think should have been, based on later Cameroon's away kits. If you have a picture of this send me the link please, for future correction.

South Korea kits World Cup 1994

Korea presents a very attractive kit which dressed in blue vs. Germany, in white vs Spain, and white shirt and blue shorts vs Bolivia. during the eliminatory round Korea dressed in red practically the same design by Rapido, with minimal changes in the pattern which had some degraded colors.