Belgium kits World Cup 1994

The italian manufacturer Diadora design a colorful pattern to the shoulders of this kit, and was the hallmark of the Red Devil's skin for this World Cup.

Saudi Arabia kits World Cup 1994

In 1994 there were still no global brands sponsoring national teams kits, one of these brands was Saudi Arabia kit sponsor. Arabs only played three games with the away kit, so as other teams one of the kits will stay in the closet, we didn't know how it was, the home kit presented here was used after World Cup, the texture of the fabric has a different design, and the orientation/size of the strip diamonds is little diferent from the away kit, for purposes of guessing the kit that was in the Saudi Arabian´s locker during the 94 World Cup, i kept the orientation/size of the strip diamonds equal to away kit, so will not see changes here in this topic.

Morocco kits World Cup 1994

One of the most elaborate kits of all, in my opinion. Lotto really spend time on this design, federation logo in the middle looks very cool. I think lotto pull some strings in the business to design better and more attractive kits in the years to come, and not only crazy patterns.

Cameroon kits World Cup 1994

Cameroon played his only three appearances in the World Cup with the green home kit, the change kit we could not see during USA 1994, here is the away kit that the lions used for 1994 -1995 which we assume it was provided for the World Cup because it has elements of home kit such as fabric and striped pattern. I could not find a good picture of the shorts and socks of away kit, so I present the design that I think should have been, based on later Cameroon's away kits. If you have a picture of this send me the link please, for future correction.

South Korea kits World Cup 1994

Korea presents a very attractive kit which dressed in blue vs. Germany, in white vs Spain, and white shirt and blue shorts vs Bolivia. during the eliminatory round Korea dressed in red practically the same design by Rapido, with minimal changes in the pattern which had some degraded colors.