Uruguay kits World Cup 1986

Simple but always nice is the light blue charruas kit, In 1986 they will be remembered by the 1-6 score vs Denmark, probably they had not received 6 goals if they played with the light blue kit.

Netherlands kits World Cup 1986 Qualifying

Was kind of surprise that Netherlands do not participate in 1986 WC final round, but his orange kit was a world famous by the time.

Wales kits World Cup 1986 Qualifying

During qualification stage Wales dressed this adidas exclusive design, the curious thing to note is the logo, they embroidery over the white stripes with no fill, looks terrible.

Portugal kits World Cup 1986

Portugal shows a classic adidas design for the era and bad alignment too, for logos i meant.

Scotland kits World Cup 1986

Elegant kit this one, Scotland dressed the blue kit in his 3 games during World Cup 1986. Doing some research in the qualification stage i found a game vs Iceland in 1985 that scottish dressed the yellow kit, both are very similar to the version used in Euro 1988.

Germany kits World Cup 1986

Germany always brings new things every World Cup in kits matter, in 1986 german kit as simple as it looks had a very important upgrade.. was the long of sleeves, this long will predominate in the years to come. Detail to note was the position of the adidas logo in the white away shorts, they used in two games during the tournament, in the game vs Uruguay the germans used shorts with logo in the left side, in the game vs Argentina they used shorts with logo in the right side.

Algeria kits World Cup 1986

Very People remembered this kit, when Algeria stepped in the field must people say Wow, catchy kit no doubt.

Northern Ireland kits World Cup 1986

The comment of this kit came with the badge, note the Mexico 1986 World Cup distinctive, very few teams did this in this years, not mention FIFA are in diapers with branding.

Spain kits World Cup 1986

We saw Spain with a LeCoq Sportif kits during World Cup 1986, more exactly with the red/blue kit in all his 5 games, The white kit in this illustration correspond for preliminary round.