Greece kits Euro 2012

Tradicional bicolor kits from Greece, both look great, of course adidas made for the Greeks unique details.

Russia kits Euro 2012

The previous Russian kits were divine, burnt red color in combination with gold, achieved a dream kit. Very serious, very formal, very important.... This time the burnt red was replaced by the traditional red and a strip with the Russian flag, not bad at all, but less spectacular than its predecessor.

Ukraine kits Euro 2012

Is amazing how many designs have adidas for one season, details, details, details .... and this time the complicated Ukranian pattern and we can count other different details from another adidas nations, this brand give a lot of work.

Denmark kits Euro 2012

I have to admit that Denmark was my favorite team in the eighties, I adored Elkjaer, Laudrup and the Olsen guys. and certainly those hummel kits too. This adidas kit is not to bad at all.