Egypt kits World Cup 1990

Second World Cup for the Egyptians, they did not have a kit with light colors instead a green away kit color was selected. Adidas presented the same design for African countries, I would like to talk to someone from adidas to explain me how the process of selection or assignment of designs for national teams occurs.

Netherlands kits World Cup 1990

The Dutch team introduced the simplest kit on tournament, without pattern on the fabric, bicolor and even simple numbers, breaking with the trending of those years. Two years before in Euro 88 adidas go to the extreme designing the probably most horrible pattern in history, maybe that's why Netherlands change to lotto in 1992.

Ireland kits World Cup 1990

The first final stage in the World Cup for this team, and a very good tournament they did reaching quarter-finals barely lost 0-1 with Italy, i love their simple and distinctive federation logo.

England kits World Cup 1990

Always one of my favorites is the England kit, there is always something of royalty about his kits. England plays all his matches with the white kit, but we know that there were two other kits prepared, the red one and the blue one. For me in this 1990 WC umbro has the edge about kits at the time.

South Korea kits World Cup 1990

Difficult was to research this kit, so little good photos are of this Rapido korean kit, You Tube was helpful for the away kit, and the fabric pattern corresponds for the qualifications stages, but is my guess that repeat in the World Cup.

Uruguay kits World Cup 1990

The charruas again with his traditional colors that looks so good on the field, puma a brand that support Uruguay in many years are not complicated with the design. just keep it simple.

Belgium kits World Cup 1990

Basic adidas kit for Belgium team in 1990, a simple stripe pattern in the fabric, in my opinion the pattern for 1986 World Cup looks better, but besides this the red color looks great in the field.