Italy kits World Cup 1990

I will always remember this kit because at a time when the merchandising was already born and was strengthening, we see as the Italian team maintained the clean design of his kit, even the logo of the manufacturer does not appear.

United Arab Emirates kits World Cup 1990

Many people say it was one of the worst teams in WC history, for me is another opportunity to draw a different concept of adidas. Look at those shorts ... and the strange stripes aside the classical adidas stripes.

France kits World Cup 1990 qualifiers

This was dressed by french team during 1989 in the World Cup 1990 qualifiers. This adidas design was used by other nations in 1990 with little modifications as Arab Emirates. We missed seeing this great team to play in WC90 with her big rising stars as Cantona and Deschamps.

Colombia kits World Cup 1990

Simplicity in this adidas design, no pattern for fabrics. Interestingly, the short change color in the adidas stripes. In the World Cup socks were exchanged, but this presentation is the oficial combination.

Yugoslavia kits World Cup 1990

When the communist world still stand, Yugoslavia was a solid team. It is curious that the kits for the World Cup 1990 that adidas provide to Yugoslavia were these unique design. Actually adidas adidas made ​​several designs for this world cup, this being the first time that the german brand start to do it.

Germany kits World Cup 1990

The era of branding in football began for me, in the World Cup 1990, crude and rudimentary, brands began to visualize the potential. The German national team, had the advantage with adidas to support them. Notably the away kit, has a previous design used in last years, strangely the kit that match home version appeared after the World Cup.