Atlante FC Kits Kire Colletion 2011

Mexican Team from the main league, based in Cancun, the tourist paradise. I present the kire-1 fantasy kits 2011 for this team, also redesigned the logo of the football club. The original kit is based on dark blue stripes and dark red, shorts and socks in dark blue. I return with the redesign in arlequin type to differentiate its resemblance to the famous Barcelona FC, with white socks went back to the most traditional of team kits, in fact, the details are all white to position this color in third place as the fundamental palette colors in the club.
The change kits are traditionally white, but in this occasion light blue was the subject for Kire-1 2011 Atlante FC collection. The Tracksuit woven warm-up preserves the main colors.

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  1. hubieras achaparrado el maniqui >__< por eso de ser del hobbit jajajaja el pants esta buenisimo :)