Germany Kits World Cup 1994

One of the kits most illustrious in the history of the World Cup, and Germany is probably best remembered by the world. Adidas design created a very illustrative of the nineties that ended with the tendencies of those years to putting prints patterns in kits....soon in Euro 96 until now, the solid and retro kits will be fashion recurrence.


  1. please me request germany kits world cup 1998,2002,2006 and euro 2000,2004

    1. Mr. Maulana, thanks for taking the time to see the blog .... I'm trying to make kits in chronological order from 1994 world cup to the present, but i'll make some of the requesting ofcourse.

    2. 1998,2002,2006 were cool shape, it was painful to watch especially after the defeat, he would play 98 with the French could and would play a guest form in the middle of the green, and the ending with the French in Berlin in red.
      Oh,and in 2000 and 2004,especially 2008.The first two have been painful,but carved in my memory because of not advancing from the group stage