Brazil kits World Cup 1994

Classic home shirt as worn in the 1994 World Cup, last kit design by Umbro for brazilian team. one of the remarkable things about this kit is the argyle pattern socks, until now I have not seen any similar. Brazil change some textile designs that occupied in the preliminary round, change kit was modified immediately for next year, leaving world cup 1994 blue shirt unique and very hard to achieve.


  1. A great job. There's only a small mistake in this kit.
    In the world cup USA 94, Brazil has only three stars.

    1. absolutely true, let me correct the error...thanks

  2. Hi. I love your blog. Is great!
    In this kit there is a mistake. The Brazil logos in the middle of the shirt are three instead of four. When they won the world cup, then they added one star and one logo.
    In the 94 world cup, 3 logos. between 1994 and 1997 4 logos.