Spain kits Euro 1996

A unique kit for Spain made by adidas, very elegant evoking the traditional dress of past centuries, elaborate on details such as Chinese type neck. The change kit was in dark blue, you could say that in this times it wasn't common to see dark kits.


  1. the away kit was like france away in euro 1996, but the lines on the shoulders were red and yellow

    the blue one is the third kit

  2. Hi Lucas, thanks for comment....
    as far as i know white kit is actually the third, you can see here...

    Spain played all his games with the red kit. so really never know what would have been the away kit.

  3. Spain only played in the third white away jersey once against Slovakia in 1997 during the World Cup qualification. The blue kit is the away kit.
    I bought the home replica jersey in 1997. My favourite jersey.

    1. In the link above, we can see a picture of the game of Spain vs Czech Rep. during the World Cup qualification, the red fury (Spain) wear third white kit, so at least as far as we know played with Slovakia an Czech Rep. with this white kit.