Argentina kits World Cup 1990

One must recognize that Argentina has one of the most beautiful combinations for kits of the entire planet, also does not resemble any other country. For the World Cup 1990 adidas design a unique V neck for Argentina and a black short with no adidas stripes. A curious fact that I would like to know, is why Argentina played with a black short with adidas stripes in the first game vs Cameroon, and the rest of the competition used black short witout adidas stripes (Soviet Union, Yugoslavia and Italy).


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  2. Here is the reason of why the stripes disappeared.

    Generally speaking, Argentinean players are quite superstitious. And Bilardo (the coach during 1986 and 1990) was crazy superstitious.

    Argentina won the 1986 WC without losing any game while they were wearing a Le Coq Sportif kit, like you are showing in the 1986 section. Obviously, that version of the shorts didnt have the classic adidas 3 stripes.

    Then somewhere in between, Adidas took over, so in the 1990 WC premier against Cameroon, they used the adidas short as it was originally, with the stripes.

    The problem started when Argentina loses that game. Bilardo got to the conclusion that the reason for losing that game was.... the stripes on the shorts!. He thought "we were champions with a stripe-less black short in 1986, then we played with stripes and lost against Cameroon, so lets black out the stripes". Yes, it is as crazy as you read it.

    Funny thing is that I was looking for a source to back up my answer, I found this link (its from one of argentina's main newspapers) that is using your artwork to illustrate their article